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Quick QuestionsTexts  (10 Minutes)

Quick QuestionsTexts (10 Minutes)

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Quick questions answered via WhatsApp, Messenger world wide and mobile phone text within Australia, to clarify pressing issues, help you to make clear decisions, reduce confusion and minimise stress and anxiety if you can't feel your way forward in a given situation or require immediate guidance and clarity with important decisions. Quick Nutritional scans & supplement updates are also available in a Quick Question Text.

After purchase send a screenshot of your receipt along with your question to Elke Love via WhatsApp; or Facebook Messenger (friend request Tuned In Personal Development) worldwide; or to

0448 778 887 within Australia only.

Please note this is for up to 10 minutes work. Although Elke Love tunes in & works exceptionally quickly, if your question is too complex, you will be advised in return text as to what can be answered in 10 minutes, & what is left over that needs an email/phone/video consultation, charged half hourly. Texts will not be answered without a screenshot of your receipt first.

Remote Space Clearing 

Due to the high volume of requests, this service is no longer free of charge, however due the nature of this work, Elke has cut prices down to the bare minimum for your continued well being. For those spiritually minded people who understand the influences of the metaphysical world, Entity Clearing, Exorcisms & Portal Closing are available to you. It may take several hours for these influences to clear, just send Elke a text, she will assess the issue, & let you know whether it’s a Basic Clearing (small to medium entities etc) or an Extended Clearing (large entities - up to 3). Then text your receipt before 6pm & Elke will prioritise your clearing so these issues will be gone within 24 hours.

These methods are based on both Eastern & Western traditions. 

- You may choose Coaching in Spiritual Clearing & Protection through email/phone/video consultation starting at half an hour.

- All Powerful, Life Changing MP3s have small to medium entity Space Clearing Tracks behind the main psychological/emotional/metaphysical clearing & healing tracks which also download thousands of high vibrational energy frequencies such as Reiki, Reiki being 7 frequencies.

- A specific small to large Space Clearing Exorcism MP3 will be available to you in March 2022.

- Remote Space Clearing Workshops are available via video

- An extensive Spiritual Space Clearing Self Help Book based on these workshops & Elke’s decades of experiences will be available in 2022. 
- Elke teaches exorcisms in her Level 2 & Level 3 QEAT TRAINING.