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About Elke Love

Elke has 20 years training and experience in Behaviour Therapy, NLP, Kinesiology, Cognitive Behaviour therapies, Meditation, Professional Development, Life Coaching, Counselling,  Study Coaching, Creative Nutrition, Spiritual Healing, Reiki Mastery, Serraphim Healing, Eloha/Elohim/Ophanim Healing, Ho'oponopono Healing, Soul Reading, & teaching these modalities to clients & classes. Elke has also worked as a psychic for 25 years and is a published author & poet.

As a 'soul reader' she specialises in being able to quickly investigate & identify causes & effects of issues with the body, mind & soul. She then works out exactly what needs to be done to clear these issues completely, heal the body, mind & soul & to give you such valuable, easy to implement tools to give you control over your life.

Elke has been teaching from her books since the first one was published in 2001. Currently going through re-write & update, these phenomenal e-books will be available very soon on this website, & soon to be back in print. She explains how she developed these quick & simple tools & has been tested on an EEG machine to track her Theta Brain Exercises to the amazement of medical science.

Elke Love says “All spirituality is science. Nothing exists without a scientific reason, however human kind is yet to fully understand the role of Quantum mechanics in the healing & energetic arts. All energy is quantifiable with the right tools. However, many shamanic cultures, religions, & societies have been using energy for thousands of years without needing to understand the intricacies of how it all works. It is enough to learn to use the tools, & enjoy their powerful outcomes. This is how I base my Quantum Entanglement Assisted Transformation Therapies, & use my coaching talents to involve the conscious & unconscious mind for powerful evolution of the individual & their relationships.”

Elke has connected with her psychic, healing and analytical abilities since childhood, always looking into the regular sciences to explain how things work. Originally intending to go into psychiatry & neuroscience, a bad accident led her to another path, the path which Elke is sharing with thousands of people today. “Ironically, I wouldn’t be doing the work I’m doing today without the plethora of bad fortune I experienced in my early life. I don’t think I would have involved energy in studying & treating people as I do today.

As I’ve discovered, without this key component of energy therapies, trauma doesn’t get fully released from anywhere in the body, mind, or soul. It’s fascinating, I'm a testament to how well works, as I’ve used everything I teach on myself. So many friends & clients & a publisher have urged me to write about my life to help others. So, I have. This book will be available here on this website soon.”

Her former background as a model and actor with her own acting company called 'Acting Out', as well as her extensive work experience & training in sales, gives her a well rounded, holistic approach to give you the best care and personal education. Elke says “Laughter is a great tonic for the mind, body & soul. Healing trauma can involve a light touch with deeply transformative benefits. I look forward to meeting with you & helping you to change your life for the better.”