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Please fill in (& submit) the booking form on either the “Discounted Pre-paid package” page or “Hourly rates” page. Then send a text that’s you’ve sent the form to administration.
Whatsapp: Elke Love
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Please do not share what you want to discuss in session, as this won’t be answered, you need to wait until your consultation time with Elke.

 If you need to know something simple which can be read & answered in 10 minutes, such as a nutrition update, then go to the “Quick Question Text”, (QQT) send a screenshot of your receipt to a text option above with your question. Even though Elke works exceptionally quickly, if your reply needs more than 10 minutes, then Elke will let you know & quote you an email price, charged by the half hour & will keep your answer/s within your agreed upon time. You can save your QQT AU$25 for another time.
 (No refunds given on Quick Question Texts)