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Consultations are up to 100% tax deductible
Via video & audio apps worldwide such as Messenger, Whatsapp, Skype, Zoom, email, video & audio apps, phone & Facetime within Australia. Fill out the ‘Client Consultation Form’ at the bottom of the page & click ‘submit’.
Coaching & Therapies can be combined or used for singular focus
Personal Development
Whatever your issue, I can help. I specialise in stress management, trauma, abuse, relationship coaching & behaviour therapies, addictions, anxiety, depression, self worth, confidence building, self sabotage, creating abundance
Professional Development
Sales techniques, stress management, workplace relationships, confidence building, presentation speaking, goal achievement, career path direction, career path on a soul path level, how to set yourself up as a sole trader, practitioner set up, clearing self sabotage.
Practitioner training & online certificate course available.
Study Help
Study tools to retain information, overcoming procrastination, confidence building
Creative Nutrition
Using kinesiology & intuitive investigation, we have a look at your organ health, general nutrient absorption, chi, nutrient intake & supplements, other health related topics
It doesn’t matter whether or not you’ve a lot of spiritual/self development work, or a beginner, I can coach & guide you & use therapies in whatever you’re interested in: past life blocks & programs; karmic loadings; ancestral loadings & programs; vows, agreements, promises, attachments, curses, entities that need clearing from you, your loved ones & your home that can block your success & sabotage your happiness & prosperity.
Psychic & Intuitive
readings, coaching & therapies, past life regressions, healing, connection with guides, clearing psychic attack & coaching in spiritual/psychic protection. Guided meditations, Paraliminal MP3s & e-books available on this website for all healing & clearing therapies & download of energies & spiritual warfare/clearing.
Elke Love says: “I grew up observing people’s behaviours & energies very closely. In the work I’ve done for clients over the past twenty years as a therapist & coach, I’ve found that we must address each person as a holistic unit. This means that we need to investigate & apply therapies & coaching to all these areas of a person & their environment. Just concentrating on one or two of these areas doesn’t get the person the results they want, which is why most of my clients come to me, after seeing other therapists & coaches for years. This is why I always include this type of investigation, & keep our communication within your belief systems. My work & investigation & training is fast & effective.
Most people’s problems are caused by a combination of effects not just one or two that are traditionally addressed.
We must investigate & treat all these causes: emotional, psychological, nutritional, ancestral/social/family/religious learnings/beliefs/programming/rebellion, ancestral & DNA coding/ genetics/epigenetics, physiological issues & causes, metaphysical influences, karmic, energetic, a number of elements of the energetic sciences, environmental issues at home/work/school/social, relationships with themselves & others, work life balance, career happiness & fulfilment, prosperity & abundance, metaphysical influences such as curses/karmic bindings/energetic attachments/possession & lots more.”
Quantum Entanglement Assisted Transformation uses a combination of traditional psychology & counselling techniques, cognitive behaviour therapies & training, eastern medicine & energetic philosophies, thousands of frequencies of energy healing & clearing, Elke Love’s incredibly simple & effective Theta training, hypnosis, NLP, self applied acupressure training, EFT tapping, positive mind set reprogramming, powerful self sabotage/trauma/deprogramming clearing, kinesiology investigation/circuiting/ applications, meditation training, guided meditations, spiritual clearing & protection modalities & training, powerful paraliminals, workshops, private tutoring, distance light work & healing. Elke began writing scripts with hands on healing & clearing techniques in 2001, Elke then shared her technique with practitioners around the world. This has since evolved “ into the most powerful, transcendent, freeing experience I’ve ever had. It’s left me with tears of happiness, I never thought I’d be free to live the life I want, & in a few short months my life has changed forever, it’s miraculous” says Claire, mum, entrepreneur, NSW Australia. Client of Elke Love at Tuned In Personal Development, empower your life, book in for a consultation now.