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Create Your Own Crystal Garden

A Crystal Garden is a wonderful Feng Shui centrepiece that helps to ground, clarify and energise your space.

Why not create one of these in time for Christmas for the table setting!


You will need:

1 clear glass bowl of choice (op shops are a good place to look)

1 bag of quartz stones, tiny crystals, white pebbles, sand or anything other organic material that you like the look of, to use as a base material to sit your crystals in e.g. you might like moss or mixed quartz crystal for more colour.

1 or more feature crystals that are cleansed - choose by feel, or refer to my Crystal Guide to find the right vibration for you. Also read about Programming Crystals in my January 2019 Blog.

Optional: Other ornaments that have meaning to you or flowers (make sure you take out any dead ones to keep the energy good).

Tip: Back lighting with a Himalayan Salt Lamp is a great way to make your crystals sparkle at night. You can also add some Christmas elements or small battery operated copper wire lights for effect.

Have fun arranging your Crystal Garden and feel free to send me photos to post on my blog. 

Enjoy, Elke.