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Reiki - The Healing Power of Universal Energy

What is Reiki?
Rei means universal force and Ki is the life force or biomagnetic energy found in all living things. Ki is known as Chi (Chinese), Prana (Sanskrit), Mana (Hawaii).

Reiki can enhance the chi, or kinetic energy of the body, to promote healing through channeling divine energy through the hands into the body. The person is attuned to specific Reiki symbols, which activates a clear channel in the person for the energy to flow through them. They can use the energy for themselves, their family, pets, friends and even plants. Anything that is alive. Advanced Reiki groups are now setting up planetary healing circles all over the world.

What is the origin of Reiki?
Reiki was first re-initiated in Japan in the early 1900s by a Christian monk called Mikao Usui. He was the principal of the Doshida University in Kyoto, Japan at the time, researching the healing methods of Jesus. In his travels he learned that there were many similarities between the the life of Buddha in India, and the life of Jesus Christ, particularly the accounts of their healing skills.

He found that the Tibetan 'Tantra Lotus Sutra' (a Sanskrit text written c. 2BCE) describes the techniques for the 'laying on of hands' and healing with symbols. Usui was told that to reach the path of enlightenment he must first go back to studying the ancient Buddhist way of life.

He then went to the University of Chicago Divinity School to study comparative religions and philosophies. He studied western medicine as well as traditional forms of healing, before he went back to Japan to live in a Zen monastery. As part of one of his meditative journeys he received what he described as a 'revelation' that is now interpreted as the 'divine re-activation of Reiki within man'.

Usui brought his insights and knowledge back to Kyoto with him and worked with the poor, introducing Reiki into hospitals in Japan. He activated and taught others this traditional method of healing, which is what we bring to you today.

In Master Usui's own words:
"Everyone is a river flowing from the past to the future. Every mind stream is unique, yet the same. The water, which flows in one river, is of the same substance as the water which flows in the other rivers... It might have different salts dissolved in it and it might take a different course; it might be wide and lazy or narrow and urgent, yet it is still water. That is the unity of us all."