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Healing for Love & Money -  Powerful Paraliminal with Elke Love

Healing for Love & Money - Powerful Paraliminal with Elke Love

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70.1MB 1hr 16 mins MP3
This powerful clearing, healing and reprogramming soundtrack works in the background while you sleep or go about your day. It is designed to powerfully reprogram your subconscious patterns, learned unconscious expectations and beliefs and to change your energy vibration to one that attracts healthy love and easy money into your life. This MP3 powerfully clears zip files full of millions of programs of victim scripts, feelings of lack, poverty consciousness, low self worth, anxiety, panic, catastrophising and the beliefs that you are unloveable, unworthy, or will be left abandoned and alone. All this conscious and unconscious language is overwritten with powerful anchoring of new beliefs so that the wave you send out into your universe is of self love, abundance, worthiness, gratitude and easy receptivity.

Take advantage of the over four thousand frequencies of healing energy which are included as a download into your body every time you listen to any of Elke’s paraliminal recordings. Seven of these frequencies are Reiki, there are Light codes and Light attunements available to you to use anytime, even when you feel the clearing and healing and manifesting transformations are complete.

Elke Love always combines backtracks of spiritual warfare in all her recordings, to clear metaphysical causes such as curses, psychic attack, entities in you, your home, your family, and whatever may be blocking your fates, destinies, karma and stops you from manifesting your desires.

Listen to the free introduction for more information, including what to expect. Remember, if part of the scripting isn’t relevant for you, nothing will happen as it’s like trying to empty an already empty file.

We recommend listening to this daily, at least once, on repeat at bedtime for 16 weeks. If you are an older soul, or you may have experienced more trauma than others you may need longer. If you are a younger soul, you may need less. 

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